Kefalonia reopens to tourists after the cornonavirus lockdown!

As the world gradually reopens from coronavirus lockdowns, Greece is opening its borders to tourists on June 15. Greece, relying heavily on Summer travel, will attempt to jump-start the economy in time for the high season.

Greece, with under 200 deaths and less than 3,000 of the virus, has been lauded for its early lockdown, prevented the spread of the disease. Tourism is the primary cog that runs the economy counting for 20% of GDP (gross domestic product).

Now that summer travel is approaching, here are five Greek Islands to vacation to when it is safe to flock to Greece.


Unblemished Kefalonia is Greece’s fifth-largest island. Until the mid-nineties, it remained concealed in the lesser-traveled Ionian Sea. It became romanticized in 1994 novel by Britsh author Louis de Bernieres – Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, about Italian soldiers invading Greece during the second world war—later showcased in the silver screen adaptation starring Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz.