Terms & Conditions


You can contact us via e-mail at any time or via telephone every day 10am-10pm (email: info@rayyachting.com, mobile: +306937100708,) or contact your reception. In order to book your preferred charter, we need you to provide us with the details below, at least one day earlier:
1.1) preferred date / charter period;
1.2) preferred type of chartering (i.e. skippered / bareboat – in case you opt for bareboat, sailing qualification is required as set out below);
1.3) FULL NAMES of all passengers, date of birth, passport or ID number, place of residence, country of residence, citizenship (required by the Greek Port Authorities);
1.4) declare about your preferred type of payment (cash, credit card, bank transfer…)
1.5) additional requirements which you may have (transfers, special occasions on the yacht, special meal plans…);


We typically reply to e-mails within 12 hours confirming the availability. In case you choose to tailor-make your charter, we calculate the approximate fuel consumption for the requested itinerary and provide you with a fuel price quotation. Ray Yachting shall not be liabe for any alterations for current fuel prices during the charter period. Then you may confirm your interest by email as soon as possible and proceed with your booking. Early bookings are confirmed with down-payment (50% of charter fee). Last minute bookings are confirmed by sending all the necessary details for the charter (as required by the Greek Port Authorities before sailing out) and by remitting the total charter fee.


After the Booking Request confirmed, Ray Yachting will provide you with a Booking Confirmation Invoice (BCI) to be signed and returned to us, while you are required to proceed with the remittance of the down-payment (50% of charter fee) to the indicated bank account. By signing and remitting the down-payment, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted Ray Yachting Terms & Conditions.


Ray Yachting shall not be liable for anything that may have been discussed with our customer service unless it is explicitly included in our Booking Confirmation Invoice.

Depending on the type of the charter, the price includes:

1.1) For suggested daily charters: VAT, mooring fees, yacht insurance, Wi-Fi (connection depends on coverage), shower water, beach towels (upon request), local refreshments.

1.2) For tailor-made daily charters: VAT, yacht insurance, A/C, Wi-Fi (connection depends on coverage), shower water, beach towels (upon request), local refreshments.

1.3) For Long-term charters: accommodation, bed linen, pillows and bath towels, yacht insurance, VAT, Wi-Fi (connection depends on coverage), water, beach towels (upon request), local refreshments.


Depending on type of the cruise, the price DOES NOT include:

2.1) For suggested daily charters: Transfers from/to accommodation (or port, airport, bus station), unless it was booked in advance upon special request.

2.2) For tailor-made dailycharters: Transfers from/to accommodation (or port, airport, bus station), unless it was booked in advance upon special request, fuel consumption, mooring fees.

2.3) For Long-term charters: Transfers from/to accommodation (or port, airport, bus station), unless it was booked in advance upon special request, fuel consumption, mooring fees, breakfast, lunch, dinner and extra charge for different than base port overnighting.

2.4) For skippered charters, the skipper’s salary is not included to the charter price.

2.5) For any type of charter, fuel consumption is not included to the charter price. The yacht is to be delivered with full fuel tank, while at the end of the charter period, the fuel
tank shall be examined and you must pay for the actual fuel consumption on the basis of the current fuel prices.

Payments for early bookings are generally paid in two installments: The down-payment of 50% of the charter fee should be paid at the time of booking request confirmation (unless your charter is not due to begin within 15 days).

For long-term charters (more than one day) the remaining amount (50%) is to be paid not later than 15 days before the charter commences. In case the booking was made less than 15 days before the charter, the total charter fee is tobe paid upon the booking request confirmation, in 24 hours. For daily charters the remaining amount (50%) of the charter fee to be paid on the day of the cruise.

All early booking payments can be done by bank transfer.

Ray Yachting services are priced in Euros (EUR-€). In case your payment card is not denominated in EUR, the final price will be calculated in accordance with the applicable exchange rate on the date your card provider processes the transaction.

Additional costs that charter price does not include are known as Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) and they are paid to the skipper upon boarding and include but are not limited to fuel for the main engines and generators; fuel for tenders and water sports equipment; food and all beverages for the charter; berthing dues and other harbour charges including local taxes, customs formalities and any charges for waste disposal, charges for water and electricity taken from shore; personal laundry; communications and internet use; and hire or purchase costs of any special equipment
placed on board at your request.
Any additional operating costs during your use of the yacht, which are payable by you, will be agreed by you and the Captain.
Prior to disembarkation at the end of the charter period, the skipper shall present to you a detailed account of expenditure, with as many supporting receipts as possible, and you shall pay to the skipper the balance of the expenses or the skipper shall repay to you any balance overpaid, as the case may be.

Ray Yachting may sometimes offer discounts or promotions and the reduce pricing applies only to new bookings and not to the bookings that have been already confirmed. Also discounts offered to you by Ray Yachting cannot be combined with other offers and promotions.

For early booking and long-term charters: One (1) to two (2) days prior to your embarkation you will receive a detailed email confirming the yacht’s dock location. In the event that you are not able to arrive at the time and date outlined in your itinerary, it is your responsibility to contact us. In that case we will make alternative arrangements and agree a new itinerary if necessary.

Daily charters commence the latest by 9.30am and terminate by 5.30pm. It is necessary for you to be present 15 minutes earlier in order you get familiar with the yacht facilities and safety equipment while we finalize the required documentation for the Port Authorities. All passengers need to have ID/passport with them.

The cruise is subject to change at any time in the event of unforeseen weather changes or any other event outside of the reasonable control of the Skipper and it will be your and Skipper’s responsibility to agree on a new route for your voyage. Any route choice depends on the sailing conditions, available marinas, etc. To avoid the doubt, for safety reasons the Skipper’s decision will be final.

On bareboat charters, at least one sailing license is required. In this respect, you must send your skipping license to us, along with the booking confirmation. The license must be in English language or translated and suitable for specific yacht. Greek Port Authorities recognize any sailing license or certification issued by a sailing school, a yacht club or any relative organization. while Ray Yachting reserves any of its rights to decline a sailing license not recognized or accepted by the Greek Port Authorities.A passengers’ on board list must be kept at all times on board the yacht, on skipper’s responsibility.

You must respect other passengers not cause any annoyance. The skipper is responsible for the well-being and safety of all passengers, the crew and the yacht and you should comply with his instructions. The skipper reserves the right to terminate the voyage for any person whose behavior is causing annoyance, distress, damage or danger to other passengers, the crew or the yacht. Upon such a termination this person will not be entitled to any refund and we shall not be liable for any extra costs incurred.

If children are on board during the voyage, you shall be fully responsible for their behavior, safety and entertainment during the trip, while Ray Yachting will provide you with all safety equipment and inform you about the safety procedures on board the yacht.

While the “owner/skipper” will oversee the safety of the yacht & passengers onboard throughout the time at sea. It is the sole responsibility of the parent/legal guardian for the safety and conduct of their children including the use of any equipment provided by the “company”. (Children aged up to the age of 18 years)

For safety reasons, embarkation of passengers who exceed the allowed number of passengers as stated in the yacht’s license is explicitly forbidden either while it’s moored in a port or sailing and it is forbidden for anyone, except guests, at any time to enter the yacht, without the skipper’s permission.

On skippered charters, you may report any complaint to the yacht’s skipper . If this complaint cannot be resolved on board, or in any other case, you may give us a written notice to Ray Yachting within 24 hours of the event at info@rayyachting.com

INO is insured against personal injury, death, property damage and sea pollution against third parties in compliance with the provisions of applicable laws. . Still, it’s in your own interest to obtain adequate travel insurance before the voyage, including cancellation insurance to protect your booking fee.

Ray Yachting and the insurance underwriters shall not be held liable for accidents, injuries or death due to swimming, windsurfing, kayaking or the use of snorkels, masks or allied equipment such as scuba equipment and sailboards.

Ray Yachting strictly prohibits the use or consumption of illegal drugs on its Yacht or at its facilities. The consumption of alcohol or drugs may increase the risk of injury around water and boats and the Charterer and their passengers accept that risk. Ray Yachting shall not be liable for any and all claims or liability for property damage, personal injury or death arising from or related to, directly or indirectly, the use or consumption of alcohol or drugs, even if the property damage, personal injury or death is caused in whole or in part by the negligence of Ray Yachting. This shall in no way limit or diminish Ray Yachting accountability for its negligence where the property damage, personal injury or death does not arise from or relate to, directly or indirectly, the use or consumption of alcohol or drugs.

Notice of cancellation should be sent by email, from an email account where you are the name or owner/user of such email address.

In case of cancellation, a booking penalty fee 5% of the total amount will be charged as basic penalty for booking management fee, while additional penalties depend on the time interval between the cancelation date and your cruise date as following:

2.1) For bookings cancelled between 60 and 45 days prior to embarkation, an additional 20% of the total charter fee

2.2) For bookings cancelled between 44 and 30 days prior to embarkation, an additional 50% of the total charter fee

2.3) For bookings cancelled between 29 and 15 days prior to embarkation, an additional 70% of the total charter fee

2.4) For bookings cancelled less than 14 days prior to embarkation, 100% of the total booking fee.
However, Ray Yachting may return the cancellation penalty fee (minus booking penalty fee 5% for booking management fee) if the yacht is re-chartered for the same charter period by another charterer.

If you choose to reschedule your charter, it will be done without charge, providing that there is availability.


In case there is a delay or cancellation from our part, then you may:

4.1) prolong your charter by the same time period as the time of delay

4.2) reschedule your charter for any other available date

4.3) be refunded with a pro rata amount in respect of the time of delay corresponding to the total charter fees while you keep on with your charter as it was initially scheduled.

4.4) cancel your booking and get a full refund.
In cases 1) and 2) when it’s about a long-term charter period , accommodation arrangements and costs will be covered by Ray Yachting, either on board the yacht or if that is not possible, in rented accommodation.