A Night in Fiskardo

Fiscardo is a boaters paradise, which is not to say that it is any kind of paradise for the rest of us who are more land based, even if we love the sea. But this small fishing harbour is full or even better packed so densely with sailboats that you can barely see the water. Fish tavernas and cafes offer the kind of dining experience most people desire when they make their plans to come to the Greek Islands, though instead of gazing at the sea you are more likely to be watching someone showering on the back of his chartered sailboat with tables so close you might get wet.

Clearly the success of the yachting business in the Ionian Islands has been responsible for the boom in Fiscardo and a night in town is a noisy one as tables are filled with skippers, crews and passengers sharing their tales of the sea and favourite coves and tavernas in loud voices in every language. It is the kind of place most yachters love because they can meet other yachters and talk about their “seas”